Over 15 years in business.
Even back then, we knew how things should work.
Our team is adept at customizing research solutions to understand your user's needs and their interactions with your product.
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  Recognized as a Top 20 Researcher in 2015!


Understanding the User Experience ensures product success.
We offer custom research solutions that best meet your objectives, regardless of whether your end user is a consumer or IT guru.
Technology UX
HI conducts tactical and strategic research with a keen focus on improving the user experience from mobile apps to cloud infrastructure.



No two research projects look alike.
Here is a sample of recent projects that we worked - as either an extension of our clients' internal team or as an unbiased independent expert.


From start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.
We value the relationship with our clients. Over 95% of new projects come from repeat and referral business.


Smart. Efficient. Nerdy.
Our team of professionals has spent years conducting product research to ensure the end design reflects the abilities, limitation, and needs of users.
Greg Liddell
Greg Liddell, Ph. D.
Nicole Proulx
Nicole Proulx, M.A.
Dir. Research Strategy
Rob Dixon
Rob Dixon
Research Strategist
Lukas Hulsey
Lukas Hulsey, Ph. D.
Sr. Researcher
Daniel Hor
Daniel Hor, M.A.
UX Researcher
Danielle Mundle
Danielle Mundle, M.S.
UX Researcher
Stephen Thurman
Stephen Thurman
Graphic Designer
Thomas Liddell
Thomas Liddell
Operations Mgr.
Stephanie Engeling
Stephanie Engeling
Sr. Recruiter
Katie Engelke
Katie Engelke


World-class labs designed by researchers for researchers.
We've built two high tech research labs that allow our clients to get a front row seat to observing customer behavior and interactions.
HD Quality Video
View your studies in HD!

We recently upgraded both of our labs to high-resolution HD cameras, giving you a superior image quality like no other.

Just see the difference for yourself!
The Stevie Ray Suite
The Stevie Ray Suite
  • Large conference room setup
  • Direct viewing via one-way glass
  • Multiple high resolution cameras
  • Multiple microphones
  • Picture-in-picture capability
  • Large screen TV available
The Stevie Ray Observation Room
Observation Room
  • One-way glass for discreet viewing
  • Room for several observers
  • Multiple monitors throughout room
  • Observer controlled speaker volume
  • Comfortable seating assortment
  • Fully stocked personal refrigerator
The Willie Nelson Suite
The Willie Nelson Suite
  • Spacious participant room
  • Space for 3 or more workstations
  • Multiple high-res cameras
  • Multiple microphones
  • Picture-in-picture capability
  • Reconfigurable to meet your room requirements
The Willie Nelson Observation Room
Observation Room
  • One-way glass for discreet viewing
  • Room for several observers
  • Multiple viewing monitors
  • Observer controlled room volume
  • Comfortable seating assortment
  • Fully stocked refrigerator


Facility Layout
Human Interfaces' Facility
Tour Our Facility
Tour The Human Interfaces' Facility
Our Location
Human Interfaces, Inc.
8500 Bluffstone Cove,
Bldg. B, Ste. 204
Austin, Texas 78759

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Our thoughts about what we do and why we do it.
4 tips for a successful UX research study recruit
August 2016. Written by: Lukas Hulsey

Over the years I've run dozens of UX research studies with hundreds of participants both in-person and remotely. Profiles have ranged from consumer electronics users, to field-service workers, to IT administrators and networking professionals, to people with particular medical ailments, to business decision makers, to users of sophisticated analytics software, to engineers, to graphic design artists (just to name a few).

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Is Usability Dead? One Practitioner's Perspective
July 2016. Written by: Rob Dixon

The question of whether or not task-based Usability is still relevant and important in the industry is one which has come to mind frequently over the last few years. To understand, here's a little context…

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Back to basics: Focusing on your research story
May 2016. Written by: Rob Dixon

Conducting user and customer research has increasingly become an accepted and expected part of the development process among companies, from those building consumer websites to those developing enterprise applications. This is fantastic news for users!

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Contextual inquiry: What people actually do vs. what people say they do
March 2016. Written by: Danielle Mundle and Nicole Proulx

Contextual inquiry (CI) research has been a growing request from our clients over the past year. While we love to be out in the field as much as the next researcher, it begs the question of "is this just a trend or is there a real growing need for CI?"

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Are you thinking enough about your Research Questions?
Jan. 2016. Written by: Rob Dixon, Research Strategist

Here's an all too common scenario in the world of UX Research: Having understood the importance of gathering user feedback in the creation of successful products and interfaces, you or your client has committed to performing UX research.

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Is a conference room good enough for your research?
Nov. 2015. Written by: Nicole Proulx

The answer to this question is not always a simple one, it likely comes down to these factors: the equipment you need, the amount of customization you need, the number of observers that want to participate and how much of a hassle you want to deal with.

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Which method to use…oh the choices (Part I)
Sept. 2015. Written by: Danielle Mundle

There is a lot to be considered when trying to choose the right method(s) for a research project. The research objectives, where you are in the development cycle, the budget, and the type of customer you are trying to reach can all play a factor in deciding which path to take.

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Welcome to Human Interfaces!
Aug. 2015. Written by: Greg Liddell; Ph.D

Welcome to the Human Interfaces' Blog. I am the founder of Human Interfaces, located in Austin, TX and wanted to briefly introduce myself, our company and to kick off our new blog series.

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