Unreliable data leads to poor UX and CX. This can manifest itself in many ways including product abandonment, higher support costs, customer attrition and brand damage.

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January 10, 2023

Back to Basics 12: Fine-tuning the Design

Here at Human Interfaces, Inc, we are happy to ring in the new year with a final installment in our “Back to Basics” blog series. In our last couple of posts, we’ve talked about formative user research methods such as moderated usability testing and diary studies. With this article, we want to focus on a couple […]
November 14, 2022

Back to Basics 11: Understanding User Behavior (part 2)

Welcome back for another installment of our “Back to Basics” blog series, focused on the ins and outs of conducting impactful user research. In our most recent post, we focused on how researchers can better understand user behaviors and attitudes through moderated in-person usability sessions with users. In this article, we will discuss […]
August 18, 2020

Back to Basics 4: The place & the tools

Welcome back for another installment of our “Back to Basics” blog series, focused on the in-s and out-s of conducting impactful user research. If you’ve been following along, you’ll recall that we have tackled a couple big topics in recent posts, including how to go about selecting the right methods […]
May 19, 2020

Introducing our “Back to Basics” Series

Conducting user experience (UX) research has increasingly become an accepted and expected part of the development process for diverse product teams, from those building consumer websites to those developing enterprise applications. This is fantastic news for users because by the time the product makes it to them, their needs and […]